Zoyander Street

MA (Cantab), MA (RCA), PhD (Lanc)

Photo of me, a small white trans man with green hair

Artist-researcher and critic
working at the fringes of indie videogames for over a decade.

I am a disabled, neuroqueer transgender person (they/them preferred, he/him accepted) working with digital and interactive media.

Context statement

I am based in South Yorkshire, in the country currently known as the United Kingdom.

The identity of this nation, its wealth, and its position of global influence, are inseparable from histories and ongoing processes of colonial violence, capitalist extraction, and environmental devastation. British life continues to depend upon the countless contributions of exploited people who do not get a fair share of the benefits.

I have the privilege of UK citizenship, and thus have a responsibility to address these harms, and try to work towards more livable futures for all.

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