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I'm trying to set up a creative coworking space in Rotherham town centre that looks and feels just like a used bookshop. You can even buy my books if you really want to!

This isn't about selling books. It's about vibes!

Used book shops are my idea of heaven. Back when travelling was a possibility, I used to love stumbling upon quirky book shops in small towns, and spending too much money on books about niche topics that I don't really need. Sadly, this has been a tough couple of decades for book shops, and they are increasingly hard to find. This means we're losing these chill, semi-social spaces for reflection and inspiration.

At the same time, the post-covid world will have new needs when it comes to public space. Many businesses have learned that they don't need to spend money on office space, and are planning on asking their employees to hot-desk or go fully remote. I know from years of being self-employed that you often need a place to work that's not your home. Co-working spaces are likely to be more in-demand than ever. I think that offering a beautiful, cosy place for inspiration and collaboration is a great way to secure a loyal base of regularly returning users. I want to do this by combining bookshop vibes with art installations and performance events.


If you have ideas, suggestions, or just want to stay up to date, connect with me by email or social!


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